Electrical Fault Repair

Electrical Fault Detection and Repairs.Distribution Board Testing

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Electrical Fault Detection and Repairs.Distribution Board Testing.

Is your Office or Home Electrical Supply misbehaving?

An Electrical Fault can be caused by a small item such as a faulty appliance to a unscheduled power disruption (when a garden pick comes in contact with an underground cable!).

Electrical Faults can behave in some of the following ways:

  • Circuit Breaker/s keep Tripping off?
  • Earth Leakage won’t switch back on?
  • Noise or Smell from Inside the Distribution Board?
  • Lights flickering?
  • Light Electrical shock from kitchen taps and shower?


Electrical Fault Repair

These are some of the faults we can assist with.

In most cases the fault can be found and repaired, if not, then the faulty part can be replaced.

EBS Services are here to help, we offer a Professional and Cost Effective approach!

  • Damaged Cable repairs and replacement
  • Fault Finding
  • Distribution Board Service and Upgrades
  • And much More.

For more information contact us now.

Remember Electrical Faults can become a Fire Hazard!

Electrical Fault Detection and Repairs done By a Qualified Electrician based in Benoni.

We also do Solar Systems.

Electrical Fault Repair.We can assist from DB Tripping to Cable Repairs.Fault Finding and Diagnosis.Office and Home.Quick Response.Call Us.

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