Compliance Certificate

Certificate of Compliance (COC)

Let us assist with a simple and cost effective approach!

Why do you require a COC?

It is all about your Safety, as simple as that!

The Certificate of Compliance is a set of "Installation Rules" for any/all Electrical Systems,that should be followed and adhered to by all Electricians (and other Artisans...).

Basically its the correct way an electrical system must be installed with the highest possible safety measures in place to protect the end user (You).

Who needs a COC?

-Home Owners who wish to sell their property or have done any Upgrades.

-Insurance Companies - requirement. (Residential,Commercial and Industrial Properties)

-Business Premises (Offices,Warehouse,Workshop etc...)

-Retail Premises

-Lodges,Guest house.


How much does a COC cost?

A common question we get all the time "How much do you charge for your COC?". I will answer this question with a true story:

John X was selling his house (3 Bed,2 Bath,Lapa and D/Garage), he found an Electrician on Google and requested a quote, There was an inspection fee of R450-00. John X was not happy, the electrician did nothing, simply plugged equipment in the plugs, checked the lights, messed around in the DB thingie and was in the roof a bit.

The Electrician quoted John X on his findings and recommendations, he explained what all the problems were as per the Installation Rules. The quote was for around R7500-00. John X was not happy

Certificate of Compliance

John X decided that "He knew a Guy" and it could not possibly "cost him an arm and a leg". He found an "Electrician" took him 5 min to inspect, and offered the COC at a "cash discount price" (The amount is too low to mention). John X was happy.

John X sold his house, eventually, and managed a profit! John X was happy.

2 Months later, the new owner called to say that he has a problem. The new owner intended on changing to new lights and fittings and change the plugs, do the IOT (internet of Things). After purchasing  said equipment he contacted an Electrician to do the Installation.

The Electrician found all the faults (as did the first Electrician) and the end result was that the new equipment could not be installed without repairing all the faults first! Unfortunately for John X , he was held accountable for the COC and thus had to do the repairs with the new owners Electrician (and the assistance of the lawyer whom done the sale).

John X was not happy. He did not know that guy and it was a bit more than an arm and a leg! Don`t be a John X.



Ok, so how much does the COC cost?

EBS Services are based in Benoni, however we do service the Gauteng area.The cost of a COC requires a site inspection, this means that we require to visit the premises and conduct several tests and visual inspections.

An Inspection Fee may be charged on certain conditions mainly:

  • Travel distance
  • Size of Electrical Installation (Time on site)
  • Type of Installation (mostly Commercial and Industrial)

If you require a COC in Benoni, for example, we rarely charge an Inspection fee on domestic electrical installations.

If there is an Inspection Fee applicable and the Quotation for the COC is accepted the fee will be deducted from the Quotation.Simple as that.

How long does it take to get a COC? In some cases we can do a "Same Day COC", this depends on the existing installation.

What is the next step?

Book an Appointment for a site inspection or just Call US!

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