Electrical Fault Repair

Electrician Fault Finding and Maintenance

In most cases an Electrical Fault is quite easy to resolve.

for Example:

"As soon as I plug the lamp into the plug and switch it on the power trips"

In this case the fault is not with the Electrical Circuit but with the appliance, the circuit itself is doing exactly what it is supposed to do! The circuit detects that a damaged/faulty appliance is trying to get used, to prevent any damage (to both the user and the circuit) it disconnects the Power.

In some cases the Electrical Fault is not so easy to determine and a specialist is required to assist, thus an Electrician.


Common Faults:

- Appliance faulty

- Geyser Element or Thermostat

- Outdoor lights

- Damaged Outlets

- Loose wiring in the DB!

- Damaged Gate Motors

- Swimming pool systems

- Circuit Overloading

  • Much More

A word of caution

Most Repairs can be done by a Handyman (Homeowner), changing

- light fitting or switch

- plug outlet

- thermostat (actually very easy if installed correctly)

- etc..

But be warned you are working with Electricity and there IS a possibility of getting injured or worse! Best leave it to the professionals, it is part of their job description.

If you are not to sure and prefer to save money then give us a call, we are here to help!