Solar Systems Installation

Solar System Installer

The Solar System Installation has a direct effect of the Solar Systems Operation.This is a proven fact!

Incorrect installation will result in poor performance and costly repairs.



Solar System Installations

Know your Stuff!

A common trend in the consumer market is that solar systems are not sold with all the components.As an example:

"SPECIAL 6 x 330W Solar Panels for Rxxx". The company that is selling the "Special" may have a great price so you purchase the product. Great!

Now you find a "guy" that will do the install for next to nothing, "it's only six panels anyway".

6 Months later...

  • system keeps having alarms
  • shuts down if eskom goes off
  • "stinky" smell from the batteries
  • during loadshedding works for a few min, was a few hours
  • buzzing noise from distribution board
  • no change over switch so if the inverter is off you have no power.
  • cracked solar panels using incorrect roof mount system.
  • plus many more.



#1 This is probably not installed.

EBS Services has been installing,supplying and repairing solar systems for several years, these are just a few issues that we get called out to repair on poorly paid workmanship. Yes ,if you paid cheap you got it cheap.

A basic installation should have the following components:

Electrical Change Over Switch

This allows for maintenance on the system and the separation of Grid Supply and Solar Supply.

Distribution Board for Isolated Circuits with protection

Generally the entire property is not supplied by the Solar System only specified areas or equipment.(Fridge,TV,Alarm...)

Fuse protection for Solar Panels and Batteries

Standard equipment protection for surges,damaged cables...

Correct Roof mount system

Solar Panels require to be mounted in a certain position (Angle and Direction).These Panels endure very high wind loads and can do serious damage/harm if not secured correctly.An mistake made quite often is to "strap the panel flat on the roof" this is not a good idea.The heat generated under the panels needs to be dispersed or it will effect the performance.

#2 Incorrect configuration or wiring.

Solar Panel Installation

The Solar Array can be configured in several ways if the configuration does not fall within the Inverter or the MPPT's parameters, the System functions poorly. This also applies to not using the correct connectors, some cases we ave seen is that the special connectors are cut off and just plain connecting blocks and tape is used!

Battery Installation

Is very similar to the Solar Panels. in this case the voltage needs to match the equipment and the output power to the required load. Ventilation,Cable size and connections are crucial! Incorrect cabling and poor connections not only leads to damage to the batteries can can become harmful/dangerous. Batteries do explode.


We have seen many Installations which are picture perfect, placement of the equipment and trunking work done by an artist. However it also hides the incorrect wiring of the system, wrong cable size or type.Joins were there should not be any joins.Wiring configuration from Eskom/DB/Inverter.



It is supposed to be an investment,Treat it like one!

Doing a correct  installation the first time not only prevents system problems but makes a huge difference to any future changes.A simple upgrade of adding a few additional solar panels to boost the daytime power assist may require that the cabling has to be upgraded first,then the fuses too!

Need a Pro?

# System Design and Upgrade Paths

# Complete Solar and Battery Backup Packages

# New System Installation and Upgrades on existing.

# Maintenance and Fault Finding

Let a Solar Expert assist, we have the experience and offer honest advise.

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